How it all began…

When I was younger, I spent almost all of my time doing three things – playing outside with my friends, taking pictures, and scrapbooking. I was the little girl at the store that as soon as my mother would say “you can pick out one toy” I would go directly to the stickers boxes and Lisa Frank Scrapbook kits. I can recall so many fantastic memories of buying disposable cameras, getting the film developed, and spending endless hours with my best friends scrapbooking.

Although I may have gotten older, fortunately for me, some things never change.  I’m still a sucker for a good game of freeze tag or jumping on a trampoline. I’m very proud of my extensive sticker collection, & lucky enough to still scrapbook with those same friends!

Now, as a professional photographer, I have the privileged and honor of capturing the memories of some of the most important and fantastic days in my client’s lives.  I am grateful that I get to wake up every day doing what makes me truly happy.  While photography is something that I love and adore – creating lasting relationships with my clients is what brings joy to my life and career.