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From start to finish we are here to make your senior photo session fun, and an experience you will treasure.
Around two weeks after your session, we invite you to our studio for a special reveal event. Watch a captivating video of your photos on our studio's big screen and choose the art pieces that resonate with you.
Choose LeAnn Stefan Photography for a senior photography adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. Let us transform your unique qualities into timeless art. Book your session today and let's create something exceptional together!

At our studio, we're dedicated to showcasing your true essence. We believe in capturing your unique personality and allowing it to shine through in every photograph.
Before your session, we take the time to get to know you personally. We'll discuss your style, passions, and interests, and together, we'll select the ideal locations that reflect your personality.
Experience our exclusive LSP Senior Experience, complete with professional hair and makeup services. This ensures that you feel confident and radiate elegance during your session. 

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Welcome to our Senior Photography Packages, designed to capture your unique essence in Altoona, PA. Our offerings encompass 1.5-2 hours of dedicated shooting time, allowing us to craft your story across various locations within a 5-mile radius. Embrace your individuality with multiple outfit changes, complemented by the choice of optional professional hair and makeup services. Your images undergo meticulous professional editing, ensuring they reflect your personality flawlessly. Following the shoot, you'll be invited to a personalized reveal session, where your stunning portraits come to life. To grant you complete freedom, we provide digital copies of your photos along with a print release.
Don't forget to ask us about our LSP 4 Season Senior Experience! 

Investment Begins at $450

Senior Photo Shoot


3. Can I include my dog/hobbies/sports/props in my senior photo shoot?
Of Course!! We highly encourage you to take full advantage of your senior photo session & include your hobbies, sporting activities and your furry friends. We even offer an optional add on of an express family photo session during your senior photo shoot to capture those last family moment before you graduate from high school. 

4. How long will it take to get my senior photos back?
As a seasoned senior photographer serving Altoona, PA, I am committed to delivering an exceptional experience tailored to your needs. Following the captivating senior photo session, each image is treated with the utmost attention during the professional post-processing phase. Your eagerly awaited senior photos will typically be ready within 2 to 2.5 weeks after the shoot.
Once they're prepared, I cordially invite you to my studio for a special viewing session. This occasion is designed to create a warm and comfortable ambiance, reminiscent of a delightful date night with your partner. As you both immerse yourselves in the treasured moments captured during your senior session, it will undoubtedly be a heartwarming experience. Together, we will relive these precious memories, embracing the journey down memory lane and celebrating your unique personality and achievements.

1. What do I wear for senior pictures? 
Absolutely, we're here to guide you through the process! Your senior photo shoot is all about showcasing your unique style and personality. We'll have a conversation to delve into your personal preferences and the creative vision you have in mind. Together, we'll select a location that resonates with your essence. Once we've settled on the perfect backdrop, we'll chat about your favorite colors and outfits. We recommend choosing 2-3 outfits for your photo shoot. Our goal is to ensure your attire not only complements you but also harmonizes with the chosen location. It's all about creating a seamless and captivating visual narrative that reflects who you are during this significant chapter of your life. 

2. When is the best time to take senior pictures?
Determining the ideal timing for your senior pictures is a personalized journey. It's all about aligning with your vision and preferences. Are you envisioning vibrant and lively shots amidst blooming flowers? In that case, the summer season is your canvas. If you're drawn to the enchanting golden hues of fall foliage, it's wise not to delay – securing your senior portrait session promptly ensures you capture that exquisite autumnal glow. For an unparalleled experience, consider becoming a holder of our LSP 4 Seasons Senior Photo Package, granting you the privilege to embrace the beauty of every season. Your senior year is a story waiting to be told, and we're here to weave it together in perfect harmony with the time that resonates most with you.

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